Top Fitness Crazes for 2018: Prama Takes the Lead

For most people, traditional gym workouts can feel like a form of torture. However, the fitness world is anticipating a new craze for 2018 that promises to revolutionize the fitness experience.

Prama, a concept from Spain, is expected to spread across the UK in the coming year. Combining interactive flooring and flashing lights, it offers a high-energy game-like environment, shunning conventional exercise equipment in favor of a more engaging and fun approach. Promising the potential to burn 1,000 calories in just 45 minutes, Prama aims to attract individuals, especially those looking to shed extra pounds after the festive season.

David Lloyd health clubs are spearheading the introduction of Prama in the UK, aiming to create a family-friendly fitness environment where both parents and children can enjoy exercise together.


“Voice recognition devices have huge potential to get people being more active at home” Prof Sir Muir Gray

A survey by a health club company found that more than a third of families regularly exercise together. It is hoped the Prama exercise regime, which co-ordinates music, lights and monitors the participant’s heart rate and progress, will be seen as the latest family game.

Prama facilitates individualized workouts, with its computer system setting different levels on the touch-sensitive floor, allowing people of different ages and fitness levels to exercise simultaneously.

In addition to Prama, other fitness trends making waves in 2018 include trampolining, “immersive spin,” and voice recognition workouts. Technology-driven innovations and modern twists on traditional sports are gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts.

The success of trampolining in the UK is evident through the rapid rise of trampoline parks since the country’s first dedicated park opened in 2014. The low-impact, high-calorie burning nature of trampolining has contributed to its widespread appeal, attracting over 25,000 participants to 126 studios each month.

Voice recognition devices such as Amazon Echo are being recognized as potential in-home personal trainers, providing users with instant workout guidance and daily activity reminders. These devices have the capacity to motivate individuals, especially older adults, to stay physically active.

The fitness industry is also witnessing a surge in “Immersive Fitness,” a concept that combines group spin workouts with large screens, music, and lasers, offering participants a virtual cycling experience through breathtaking landscapes.

Furthermore, boxing and related classes are expected to experience continued growth, with a rising number of women participating in these high-intensity workouts. The potential of emerging technologies such as voice recognition, immersive fitness, and Prama to revamp workout experiences is being acknowledged by fitness industry leaders.

It is crucial to introduce new and innovative ways to inspire physical activity. UK Active highlights the importance of tackling the epidemic of inactivity, which is estimated to cause 37,000 deaths annually in the UK. As technology breaks the physical barriers that previously dictated movement, exciting opportunities arise to engage people in physical activity.

The fitness landscape’s ongoing evolution and diversification are marked by the increasing potential of emerging technologies and novel fitness concepts, offering new opportunities to get people active and engaged. ActiveLab, a program by UK Active, aims to unearth the next fitness innovation by connecting startups with investors and major players in the fitness sector.

Steven Ward, Chief Executive of UK Active, emphasized the revolutionary potential of emerging technologies and reimagined fitness activities in encouraging greater levels of physical activity. Acknowledging the pressing need to combat inactivity, which poses a significant public health challenge, the introduction of diverse and innovative fitness experiences is vital to inspire individuals to lead more active lifestyles.

As the fitness industry continues to embrace technological advancements and novel concepts, there is a growing focus on shaping the future of fitness by integrating cutting-edge technologies and inventive fitness programs.

Source: Top fitness crazes for 2018 revealed: Why Prama is tipped to become the new favourite

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