This 10-Minute Workout Targets Your Glutes, Thighs, And Arms

This 10-minute workout targets your glutes, thighs, and arms in the best way possible! We’re incredibly busy these days, and trying to workout feels like an impossible task. We here at Sporteluxe spoke to master trainers at BANDIER, Danielle Coleman and Holly Hendricks, who created this quick and effective workout that works your entire body. If upping your fitness game is a focus for your 2020, BANDIER’s Studio B expert trainers are here to set you up for success with tips for easing back into the fitness grind and the tools you’ll need to stay focused, motivated, and most of all, excited about the new year.

Equipment Needed:​ Medium resistance loop band, a mat, and a set of lightweights. This workout can also be done with just your bodyweight. Also, these exercises are safe to do while expecting, as Holly photographed here is! However, for the glute bridging element lying down on your back, make sure to prop yourself up to elevate the heart and head so you’re not lying flat on your back.)

How To: ​Complete each exercise for a minute before moving onto the next one, completing as many reps as possible (​AMRAP​). You can do one round if you’re crunched for time, or up to three rounds for a thirty-minute workout that’ll be sure to leave your glutes, thighs, and also your arms feeling the burn!

Mat Warm-Up And Exercises:

1) Glute Bridge, Followed By Tricep Kick-out With Resistance Band Around Wrists

  • How To:​ Start lying flat on your back with your feet slightly wider than the hips with your shoelaces pointing forward and parallel. Press into your feet as you lift your hips up and squeeze the back of your glutes at the top. Engage the abs on the way down coming to a hover over the mat with the hips. Then, with your arms extended straight up to the ceiling with a slight external rotation, press the arms away from one another creating tension in the band, engaging the triceps, then bring the arms back to neutral. Repeat the glute bridge portion, then the arms.
  • Advancement: ​Combo the two moves together, pressing the arms out as you drive the hips up, and then release the arms while you lower your hips.
  • Tips:​ Focus on keeping your core engaged, squeezing your glutes at the top of your bridge, and squeezing the shoulder blades together and keeping them down on the mat so your shoulders aren’t rounding forward into your chest.
bandier 10 minute workout


bandier 10 minute workout


2) Side-Lying Leg Lift/Side Plank Combo

  • How To:​ Place the resistance loop around both of your legs about two inches above your knees across your thighs. Start on your left side with your legs completely extended and stacked on one another and have your upper body supported by your left forearm with your left shoulder tracking directly over your left elbow. Flexing both feet, lift your right leg up with your knee pointing forward creating tension in the band, lower the leg completely and return to where you started. Then, lift your left hip upwards by pressing down into your left forearm engaging your left oblique in a side plank and then return your hips to the mat. Repeat the leg lift and then the side plank hip lift.

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