Embrace Your Inner Journey: A Yoga Poem to Connect With Your Body

Two years ago, I felt entirely disconnected from my body. Despite being a passionate lover and avid dreamer, I perceived my physical form as a separate entity, unaligned with my emotions and imagination. I struggled to find comfort within my own skin, and this sentiment resonates with many who have internalized experiences that make them feel their bodies are unsafe dwellings. My own disconnect stemmed from a lifelong, unrealized survival technique – absorbing others’ energies while neglecting my own.

Engaged in an active lack of self-love and self-awareness, I sought validation and fulfillment through raising others’ spirits, neglecting my own well-being. However, I realized that the temporary high of external validation was insufficient once I was alone, grappling with a mixed energetic state.

After a year of prioritizing self-care and aligning with my individual energy, I made a commitment to my body by enrolling in a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. As I delved into the practice, the longing for connection with my body transformed into a resolute vow.

The path to finding home within our bodies varies, with numerous therapeutic outlets available. For me, it was yoga.

Use This Yoga Poem to Connect With Your Own Body and Feel at Home Within:

I wrote this poem to honor the healing power of our yoga practice and how it helps us arrive hOMe within ourselves.

Finding Home Within My Body

Oh, body
I want to make a home in you
I want to adorn you with decor of kindness
serenity and belief

… (poem continues)

Oh body, I’ve so long wanted to be home in you
I’ve bid a lifetime lease
Oh body, I am at last home within you
I am finally at peace

Feel At Home Within Your Own Body

My journey back to self-love and wholeness led me to the realization of the interconnectedness between my mind, soul, and body. I understand the importance of treating all aspects of myself with love.

Some days, I am at home within my body, and other days I’d rather be out. However, the little moments of love and acceptance are the most beautiful adornments of all.

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