My Challenging Week with Yoga – And the Solution I Discovered

When you find that one thing which meets all your expectations, you hold onto it for dear life. Let’s talk about my one thing – yoga.

It’s my go-to for all aspects of my well-being: physical, mental, and spiritual. Yoga is my lifelong companion. This trusty pal has been my support through life’s ups and downs for forty years. It’s my passion, my purpose, and my dharma: I’m passionate about inspiring people to practice yoga.

So, how did I ever have a bad week of yoga? It’s a first, and with firsts, there’s always a steep learning curve.

My Challenging Week with Yoga Commenced

On Monday, the only class I could fit into my schedule was canceled, leaving me disappointed. This was followed by disruptions at home, preventing me from having a peaceful yoga session. Tuesday’s class, though shortened, was intense and uncomfortable due to the teacher’s inexperience. Additionally, I missed my favorite Wednesday class due to work commitments and learned on Thursday that my beloved Ashtanga rooftop yoga class got canceled due to unexpected rain. This series of events left me frustrated and out of my element.

How I Transformed My Yoga Experience

Feeling disheartened, I turned to online yoga classes for an alternative. Initially, my experience with different platforms was disappointing. However, I stumbled upon a YogiApproved video on YouTube, led by a professional and knowledgeable instructor, offering a challenging yet healthy class. Impressed, I subscribed to the channel. I then came across a “Foam Roller Tutorial for Low Back Pain” by Ashton August, which turned out to be a remarkable experience. I reached out to share the positive experience with others.

Staying Committed to Your Yoga Practice

Through this journey, I found a genuine and fulfilling alternative to my regular classes, emphasizing the significance of authentic reviews and experiences. I’m now spreading the word about the positive impact of yoga, as it should be embraced by all. Whether it’s through online platforms or in-person classes, maintaining commitment to your yoga practice is essential.

From YogiApproved: We are committed to offering quality, accessible yoga! Besides our YouTube channel, we also provide YA Classes, a premium on-demand yoga and fitness membership that you can try free for 7 days

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