Organic Food For a Better Environment and Health

As a result of being raised on junk food, many individuals find it challenging to change their dietary habits. These habits develop from childhood, influenced by the meals prepared by parents and psychological factors. The foods we consume can help manage past trauma and current anxiety, serving as a natural defense mechanism. Thus, altering these habits can lead to discomfort, pain, and withdrawal symptoms.

When transitioning to a healthier diet, it is crucial to recognize and eliminate junk food from the daily intake. Packaged foods are generally considered as junk food, and individuals should scrutinize ingredient labels. Sadly, most food manufacturers and restaurants prioritize taste over health.

The current norm for most people is to consume junk food 85% of the time and consume nutritious food only 15% of the time, whereas it should be the opposite. By reversing this ratio, individuals can significantly enhance their health and well-being.

Foods to Avoid:

Milk (non-fat or no-fat): It is mucus and acid forming, creating an acidic environment in the body that may encourage cancer growth.

Bread: White bread is also acid and mucus forming, leading to constipation.

Sodas (regular or diet): High in sugar or artificial sweeteners and linked to various health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

Regular salt (NaCl): Excessive salt intake is associated with high blood pressure, edema, and mineral imbalances.

To replace these harmful foods, individuals can consider incorporating healthier options, including:

Lecithin: Rich in choline, which is essential for brain function and liver health.

Flax seed oil: An essential oil that supports liver detoxification and stimulates fat burning.

Apple juice and apples: High in vitamin A and potassium, aiding in weight loss and promoting good digestion.

Fiber: Crucial for colon health, cholesterol reduction, toxin elimination, and alleviating constipation.

By gradually making these dietary changes, individuals can expect notable improvements in their overall well-being and health within a year.

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