Yoga For Surfers Video (Free Class)

Surfing and yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly! Both surfers and their surfing skills can benefit from yoga.

From warming up your body before you jump on your board, to increasing body awareness and strengthening the muscles you need to surf your very best, and of course cooling down and stretching after you get out of the water, yoga can greatly enhance your entire surfing experience.

For many surfers, riding a wave is a highly spiritual experience – an experience that is paralleled in a yoga and meditation practice.

Whether you’re dreaming of warmer weather when you can get back out on the water, or if you live in or are visiting a tropical climate to get your surf on, this video is great for surfers year-round.


Surf and Yoga: Why These Practices Compliment Each Other So Well

Yoga for surfers has many benefits. In addition to what we named above, yoga also helps surfers increase flexibility and strength, calm and center the mind for that next big wave, and also increases your lung capacity and ability to breathe mindfully.

The ancient practice of yoga has parallels to the surf community. For many surfers, riding a wave is a highly spiritual experience – an experience that is paralleled in a yoga and meditation practice.

As a surfer, it’s important to tune in and be present. Yoga teaches us presence, how to remain calm, and to return to our breath again and again, no matter what the outside circumstances or experiences we have in the water.


Dive In With This 25-Minute Yoga For Surfers Class!

This is the perfect yoga class to practice before you paddle out so you can properly warm up your body and ignite all the muscles you’ll be using on the board. The first part of the video offers a warm-up for surfing.

The second part of the video offers a cool down that’s great for post-surf. Of course, you can practice the entire video before or after surfing (and also on your off days) to keep your body (and mind!) strong, flexible and healthy.

Join YogiApproved teacher Chelsea Maliakai as she guides you through this Yoga for Surfers yoga class.

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Here are some of the key yoga poses you’ll practice in this video, along with the benefits of the poses for surfers:

1. Downward Dog:
Down Dog lengthens the hamstrings, calves and stretches the shoulders, hands and arches of the feet. It strengthens your arms, upper body and legs while energizing the body and relieving back pain and fatigue. Inversions like Down Dog also helps calm the brain and nervous system.

2. Puppy Dog Stretch:
Puppy Dog Pose stretches and lengthens the spine, shoulders and sides of the body. This yoga pose also helps open up your shoulders after intense paddling.

3. Warrior II:
Warrior II Pose strengthens and stretches the legs, hips, groin and shoulders. It helps with balance while building concentration and stamina.

4. Thread the Needle:
This popular shoulder opener stretches the outer shoulders, relieves tension in the shoulders and also creates a gentle spinal twist and lower back release.

Surf and Yoga: A Match Made in Surfer Heaven

Next time, before you paddle out, take this Yoga for Surfers class and see how it impacts your time on the water.

Take the short cool down portion of the video after your next surf sesh and notice how it makes your body feel.

As a reminder, you can take the entire class anytime you’d like, or use it before and after your next surf. Surfs up! And namaste.

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