This FREE 1-Week Yoga Challenge Will Build Full-Body Strength With 20-Minute Yoga Classes

We all know yoga can be expensive. From pricey Lululemons to the expensive yoga mat that’s somehow still slippery to the over-the-top one-on-one sessions, yoga can drain our bank accounts. But, it doesn’t have to!

Save your hard-earned dollars and still get top-quality, sweat-worthy free yoga videos right in the comfort of your living room.

The YogaStrong Challenge is an absolutely FREE one-week yoga program with founder Ashton August.

This one-week yoga challenge delivers a new yoga video to your inbox every day for 7 days. All classes are designed to build strength in your:

  • Core
  • Legs and glutes
  • Arms and chest
  • Spine
  • Full body
  • Mind


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Here’s How You’ll Build Full-Body Strength With 20-Minute Daily Classes

With a new area of the body to work on each day, you’ll build full-body strength with minimal time commitment needed. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?

Day 1: Core

Get ready to start strong with this fiery practice to awaken your core. Challenge yourself to build this foundational strength to set the groundwork for the rest of your yoga challenge.

Day 2: Legs and Glutes

Who doesn’t love a good leg day? Feel the burn as you fire up your lower body and build strength in your base. And even though it might feel intense, we promise you’ll still be able to walk tomorrow!
Yoga Strong Challenge

Day 3: Arms and Chest

If your legs are sore from yesterday, you’ll be happy to hear you’ll spend more time on your arms in this practice. So, get ready to plank it out and play with some fun and challenging arm balance postures to tone your arms and chest!

Day 4: Balance

Ohhhh, balance. Everyone’s favorite enemy. But the truth is, strength is nothing without balance. So take all your newfound strength to new levels. Even if your balance is great already, Ashton will challenge you with fun variations to spice up your practice. Get you drishti ready and be prepared to surprise yourself!

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Day 5: Spine

It’s been said that you can measure your age by the strength and flexibility of your spine. So how old are you? Reverse your aging with this fun and invigorating yoga practice to open your heart and bring suppleness to your whole back body!


Day 6: Full Body

Now that we’ve covered the full body, put it all together in a fun full-body cardio yoga flow! Revisit strength-training exercises from the earlier videos and link them together with your breath to flow seamlessly using your newfound super strength.


Day 7: Mind

And now the payoff for a week of hard work! Let your body take a rest and cultivate awareness within. A strong body needs to be controlled by a strong mind. So in this final day, tune inward with a mindful meditation to calm your mind and find your “yoga strong” from the inside out.

Use These Free Yoga Videos with Ashton August to Build Full-Body Strength and Have Fun Along the Way!

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While yoga challenges are fun, the best part of all is that this challenge is completely free. Because free yoga is the best yoga! So, honestly, what do you have to lose?

Join the community of thousands of yogis that have already taken this yoga challenge and see for yourself just how effective and invigorating only 20 minutes a day can really be!

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