The Smart Notebook That’ll Organize Your Life

Rocketbook: The Smart Notebook That’ll Organize Your Lif

If you ever wished you could have your half-marathon training plan, meal prep schedules and to-do lists all in one place, you now have it with the Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook. This new and innovative smart notebook allows you to creatively organize your meeting minutes, appointments and to-dos. Forgot to add milk to your grocery list? Write it down on the Rocketbook with the Pilot FriXion pen, and it will store the message in your phone so you can pull up the full list at the store.

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You’ll also never have to waste post-its or worry about losing your notes again. The notebook has 80 pages, but you can reuse each page up to five times. Write what you want on the dotted lines, save it to the cloud and then erase it in the microwave. (Yup, your words melt right off!) At the bottom of each page, there are seven icons, where you can map your notes to the destination of your choice, whether it’s Dropbox, Google drive or even Slack.

Aside from keeping your lists and ideas in one place, you can use the Rocketbook like a true bullet journal. (Not familiar with the BuJu craze? You can read up on it here.) Unlike regular planners, bullet journaling allows you to creatively organize your past, present and future into logs. Think of it as the adult version of the Etch A Sketch, except it comes with an actual pen that you can use to decorate your bullet journal with drawings, helpful reminders and motivators.

Create a daily log to keep track of what you’ll do for the next 24 hours, a monthly log to lists tasks and goals you’ll tackle in 30 days, and a future log to give you a big picture view of the year ahead. When you look back at the end of the year to see what you’ve accomplished, you’ll be surprised to see how much you’ve done and thought of!

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