The 15 Best Fitness Apps To Get Your Sweat On At Home

Staying fit has become a challenge during the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, numerous gyms, trainers, and fitness programs are offering workout routines online. From dance to yoga, there’s an array of options to explore. Let’s use our time at home to get healthy and prioritize our well-being!

Below are some of the best workout apps of 2020!

best at home fitness apps

Image: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

The Best At Home Fitness Apps

1) Studio Tone It Up

Studio Tone It Up offers a variety of workouts including yoga, cardio, barre, boxing, kettlebell, and strength training. With new classes every week, the app keeps your routine fresh, and it also provides daily moves for those with time constraints.

2) Yoga Wake Up

For a calming start to your day, Yoga Wake Up allows you to set an alarm for a personalized wake-up yoga sequence or meditation, perfect for a home practice.

3) Keelo

Keelo is a comprehensive workout app incorporating muscle-focused routines, providing HD instructional videos for at-home or gym workouts.

4) Ladder

Ladder offers custom workouts created by personal trainers, catering to individual fitness goals and schedules.

6) 8Fit

8Fit combines workout customization and nutrition planning to help establish healthy habits for fitness enthusiasts.

15) Alo Moves

Join Alo Moves for unlimited access to diverse yoga and fitness classes, added daily, from top teachers, fostering mindful movement and wellness.

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