Start an AcroYoga Practice With These 3 Tips

You’ve probably seen people practice AcroYoga and wondered where and how they got started.
AcroYoga is about connection, fun, challenges, and community. Its foundation is literally based in collaboration, partnership, and trust. This means that you work with partners who are there to explore and achieve their goals – whether they’re interested in the acrobatics side of the practice or they simply want to expand their yoga practice.
Before you jump into the world of AcroYoga, you want to find a certified instructor to help you maximize your experience and make sure that it’s safe so you can relax and just have fun. Other than that, create a solid foundation by following these simple tips!

Use These 3 Tips to Start an AcroYoga Practice:

Let’s break down the AcroYoga practice a little further to help you get started on this new yoga journey!

1. Have an Open Mind

You want to develop a mindset of “yes!” toward this practice from the very beginning. Sometimes things look intimidating or impossible – but they’re not. Just like everything else, AcroYoga takes practice and patience.
An AcroYoga instructor once said: “If you add the word ‘yet’ after any limiting sentence it makes things very possible.”
Having an open mind is the first step to create a successful AcroYoga practice and it’s what will keep you curious in the process of discovery. Remember, the first class is just the tip of the iceberg! As you progress, skills become more challenging and the doubt words become louder. Curiosity and a healthy mindset will allow you to keep the possibilities of success at the forefront of your mind.

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2. Bring a Friend

AcroYoga is typically practiced in groups of two or three. So, don’t be afraid to get some of your yogi friends together who make you feel safe and who also want to share a life-changing experience. The AcroYoga practice will bond you and make you feel fully supported.
But what if none of your friends want to join you? That’s okay! Let the teacher know that you are new and you will be paired up with other people who are just like you.
There are three positions in AcroYoga – a base, a flyer, and a spotter. A group dynamic that follows these dedicated roles will assure more safety and fun!
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3. Create a Solid Foundation

Having a solid foundation will build skills for more exciting flows later on down the road.
As a base, you want to find stillness in your ability to hold someone without shaking. As a flyer, you want to develop trust, lightness (through tightness!), and fluidity. And finally, as a spotter, it’s important for you to be able to spot danger, stay present, and communicate constantly.
Embodying these foundational skills will ensure your growth as you make your way through the practice. Progressions from those foundations and a steady practice is your recipe for success!
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Go Begin Your AcroYoga Journey!

AcroYoga will take your practice to the edge of comfort and strength, always testing you to trust and communicate. Just remember when you start the practice, accurate self-assessment is vital to keep your mind and body safe as you flow through different sequences and poses.
Remember, AcroYoga is a challenging practice, so make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with a knowledgeable instructor and support team. You will quickly discover the power of the practice and how it translates into other aspects of your life.

AcroYoga will take your practice to the edge of comfort and strength, always testing you to trust and communicate.

There is a whole new community waiting for you, so enjoy the learning experience. By going into the practice with an open mind, a goal to bond with others, and a solid foundation of yoga fundamentals, you will easily reap the benefits of AcroYoga very quickly.
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