If you love practicing yoga, or have the slightest bit of interest in starting your own practice, your Instagram feed is most likely flooded with beautiful photos, how-to videos, and crazy AcroYoga poses you dream of getting into.
While some may view photographing or filming your practice as a potential distraction, capturing your practice doesn’t have to disturb it at all. Sharing photos on social media is a great way to not only share your practice with others, but also track your progress, and spread powerful messages across the yoga community to inspire and empower each other!
To capture, post, and share the perfect yoga photos, you don’t need an expensive camera, nor do you need a professional photographer. All you need is your phone, and your imagination.

Follow These 6 Pro Tips to Take the Perfect Yoga Photo and Grow Your Instagram Following:

These six tips will help you take the perfect yoga photo – anywhere, anytime – and grow your Instagram following along the way.

1. Prep Before You Pose

Getting into a more advanced pose for a photo can be tempting, but knowing your body is the first step to taking that perfect photo. Just as you would in your normal yoga practice, stretch and prepare before diving into the pose. It’ll help you access the pose safely and correctly.
Pro Tip: Check out some of these stretches that can always be incorporated into your practice!


2. Consistency Is Key

Like many successful Instagram influencers do, maintain consistency throughout your Instagram feed by capturing multiple photos in a single location, outfit, colorways, etc – this makes posting throughout the week much easier. Be intentional about creating a consistent theme or filter all throughout your Instagram feed.
Pro Tip: Use your favorite photo editing application to choose a single filter to apply to all of your photos and keep your theme consistent.


3. Shift Your Perspective

Get creative with how you take your photos by shifting your perspective. Try shooting from a lower perspective, a higher one, up close and personal, or further back than you typically would. Shooting photos from a different perspective will show you how unique each and every pose can be.
Pro Tip: Use a tripod – and if you don’t have one, use your sneaker or water bottle as a tripod and set a self-timer.

4. Get Familiar With Your Camera + Settings

It might sound obvious, but before you take your photo, clean your camera lens. If you have an iPhone 7 or higher, your phone should have the portrait mode option). If you have an older iPhone, High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the best option.
Whatever kind of phone you have, explore the settings, do some quick research on Google and YouTube, and get comfortable using these settings to get the exact look and feel you want in your photos.
Then there’s lighting. When it comes to light, make sure the light (or the sun if you’re outside) is in front of you and NOT behind you to make editing easier and the picture brighter and more clear.
Pro Tip: If a 10-second timer isn’t enough, take a video and screenshot your favorite still (or stills) throughout.

5. Embrace the Basics

Sure, photos of yogis with crazy flexibility are beautiful to look at, but don’t think it’s the only option for taking the perfect photo. Striking a simpler pose like Warrior I or even Easy Seated Pose with a mudra can be just as beautiful too.
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To make a simple pose more interesting, focus on the location or the things you surround yourself with in the photo. Sometimes, the simpler, the better.
Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to utilize the same pose in multiple photos at multiple locations – it can be a great way to create consistency in your posts (see #2).


6. Post and Share

After capturing the photo, it’s time to post and share it with the world. Use popular hashtags to not only categorize your posts in a collection of similar images, but also make your content searchable, findable, and inspiring.
Hashtags also help you grow your Instagram audience, just like commenting on other people’s posts do. Don’t be afraid to scroll through your favorite hashtags and comment on other yogi’s posts. You never know what you might find, who you might meet, and what followers and other inspiration you might gain!
Pro Tip: Check out some of your favorite Insta-Yogi’s pages to see what hashtags they’re using. Which hashtags are the most popular?
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Now You’re Ready to Take Yoga Photos Like a Pro!

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for ten years or you’re just beginning to dive in, a teacher or a student, a yogi who wants to grow their Instagram following or just someone who wants to track progress, taking the perfect yoga photo can be rewarding not only for you, but also for your followers.
Everyone’s practice is different, and everyone has something different to offer to the yoga community. Sharing your yoga photos shares a little piece of you and your practice to the world, so don’t be afraid to be yourself, and have fun doing it!
Have questions or additional tips to share? Please comment below!
Images: @jenniferpansa

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