Get Playful with This 10-Step Super Soldier Pose Tutorial



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Super Soldier Pose is a newer and non-traditional yoga asana that has gained a lot of popularity due to its fun nature and Instagram-worthy appeal.

At first, it might feel disorienting, but after breaking it down into the steps outlined in this Super Soldier Pose tutorial, you might find yourself smiling while getting into it!

You’ll need a sense of adventure as well as balance, stability, flexible hamstrings, shoulders, and side body to get into the full expression of this pose.

Before you try Super Soldier Pose, be sure to warm up with several Sun Salutations, Forward Folds, Spinal Twists, Standing Splits, hip and shoulder openers, and at least one other balancing pose such as Warrior Three Pose or Half Moon Pose.

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Here’s How to Safely Practice Super Soldier Pose:

1. Begin in Lizard Pose

Sanskrit: Utthan Pristhasana


How to practice:

  • From Down Dog, bring your thumbs to touch and step your right foot forward outside of your right hand
  • Activate your back leg while pressing firmly into the mat
  • Send your gaze to the top of your mat, keeping a neutral neck

2. Slide Your Right Shoulder Under Your Knee


How to practice:

  • Slide your right shoulder beneath your right knee, creating a compression between the two
  • Send your right hand to the outside of your right foot
  • Return your gaze to the front of your mat


3. Shift Your Weight and Step Up


How to practice:

  • Shift your weight into your right leg and step your back foot halfway up your mat
  • Your right leg will begin to straighten a bit when you do this, but be sure to keep some bend in the knee
  • Maintain the compression between your right shoulder and leg

4. Stabilize with Two Points of Contact


How to practice:

  • Ground down into all four corners of your right foot
  • Extend your left arm outside your mat, parallel or slightly above your front right toes
  • Place each of your fingertips on the ground while lifting your palm
  • Engage your core to help stabilize your entire body

5. Shift Your Weight Into Your Right Leg and Bend Your left


How to practice:

  • Shift most of your weight into your right foot, using your hands and fingertips to find stability
  • Keeping a slight bend in your right leg, lift your left foot off the ground and bend your knee to bring your heel towards your glutes
  • Keep your left arm extended outside your mat, cupping the ground with your fingertips

6. Lift Your Right Hand and Grab Your Left Foot


How to practice:

  • Ground down in your standing leg and reach for your left foot with your right arm

7. Lift Your Left Knee and Straighten Your Right Leg


How to practice:

  • While keeping ahold of your left foot, straighten your right leg to open your hips and allow your left knee to point towards the ceiling
  • Check in with your breath – are you still breathing through this pose?


8. Lengthen and Open


How to practice:

  • Lengthen your spine as you open your chest towards your left hand
  • Pause to feel the full body stretch

9. Adjust Your Gaze


How to practice:

  • Find one fixed point or drishti to gaze at such as forward, towards your left hand or up towards your left armpit
  • Switch it up and play around with different fixed points to see what feels best for you in this pose

10. Breathe and Enjoy


How to practice:

  • Smile and enjoy, you made it into Super Soldier Pose!
  • Stay here for 3-5 slow, calming breaths and enjoy this wonderful hamstring stretch, side body and chest opener
  • When you are ready, slowly and intentionally come out of the pose by releasing your left foot and right hand and returning to lizard pose
  • Find a gentle Forward Fold to release, then find Child’s Pose to reset

Get the Full Benefits of This Super Soldier Pose Tutorial by Switching Sides

Like many other yoga asanas, you might find one side more accessible than the other, so don’t forget to try the left side too!

Super Soldier Pose provides a great full-body stretch, heart and chest opening, and improves balance and stability, but mostly it’s a lot of fun to play around with. So, go grab your mat and give yourself some playtime.

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