Learn How ERIN B. Lost 110 lb With NutriSystem

“I wouldn’t even look in the mirror. I didn’t want to see myself”

A few years ago, I went through a really nasty divorce, and I turned to food as a way to cope. I would literally sit in my basement all day and just eat my problems away. A friend of mine, who had been a little overweight in college, came to visit one day, and she looked amazing. I asked her what she’d done, and she said, “Nutrisystem.” I was dumbfounded; I thought I had tried everything. So when she encouraged me to try it, I figured I’d give it a shot.

“On Nutrisystem, I was constantly satisfied. I never once felt hungry.”

I called a Nutrisystem counselor and ordered my box right away. And to my surprise, I saw results almost immediately. I walked to the mirror one day and just cried because I could tell: I already looked smaller. And I went to go put my pants on and there was room in them. I was so excited! I made sure that for every pound I lost, I would celebrate. And it paid off—I lost a total of 110 pounds* and I feel amazing!

“I’m doing things I never would have dreamed of before—with gusto!”

Now, I can do everything. I hike long distances up and down hills, through rocks and through mountains. I swim laps. I stand-up paddleboard. I bike. I have so much fun! I never thought that I would be able to live like this ever again. I don’t wake up in pain anymore, and I can just function like a normal person. There is absolutely no reason why anyone else can’t do it. Nutrisystem not only gave me hope—it taught me how to live again.