Adidas Has Created A 6-Move Fitness Routine You Can Do In An Uber

Your Uber ride has traditionally been the way to get from point A to point B, but as sportswear giant, adidas together with Megan Roup and Hannah Bronfman have shown us, it’s also possible to get in a quick workout session in the back of your ride, thanks to their custom-made Uber workout plan.

The fitness duo recently joined with adidas and Uber to create a six-move fitness routine that’s mean to help you make the most of your ride.

“Designed to maximize riding time and ensure that your minutes in an Uber are well spent, we collaborated with fitness instructor Megan Roup to create quick and effective moves that anyone can do safely in the backseat,” Uber announced.

Whether you’re focusing on your obliques, arms, abs, core, or legs, this series of moves is all about small movements that are meant to isolate and tone specific target areas. The little movements, all created by Roup, focus on the areas that are most neglected when we sit. We’ve all heard that “sitting is the new smoking,” so introducing minor movements into your routine — even in short bursts like on our way to another meeting or heading home after a long day — are key to achieving our movement and workout goals for the day.

fitness routine uber ride adidas

Image: Uber

With no necessary workout gear — your purse, if you wish, is the only accessory you’ll need — you can get in some simple, bodyweight moves, as you zip through downtown traffic toward your next destination. Keeping your seat belt in place — safety first, always! — you can put all of your energy to good use to make sure that the time in your ride does not go to waste, and turn your standard ride into an Uber workout.

Check out Bronfman’s step-by-step demonstrations here, power up your favorite fitness podcasts, and make your next Uber trip an extra efficient ride.

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