We can all feel it. The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing colors, and the sun is lower in the sky. We can’t stop it from coming; fall is here.

Although we’re sad to see summer go, we are excited about all the fabulous new fall looks that are popping up!

Fall fashion activewear trends are arriving in full force and we’re taking notes. As yoga and activewear brands drop their fresh new fall looks, you will fall in love (pun totally intended) with these new styles and trends.

Here Are 8 Fall Looks and Fall Fashion Trends in Yoga and Activewear That We’re Loving:

From leggings to cozy, comfy hoodies, these newest fall looks have us excited for pumpkin spice season. There are so many new fall fashion trends rolling out.

So, to keep you up to date, we selected our eight favorite fall looks from the brands that we love that are leading the way with fall fashion trends this year.

1. Two-Tone Colors

Two-tone colors are all the rage this fall, showing up on activewear everywhere. With either deep contrast (like black and white) or subtle mixes (like beige and white), this look is perfect for however you like to stand out.


Outdoor Voices is leading the way in two-tones with their Two-Tone Legging and Zip Bra.

2. Glitz, Glam and Allllllll the Shine

Who doesn’t love a bit of glam? That’s why shiny finish is one of our favorite new fall looks! Sleek with a little bit of shine, this fall fashion trend moves easily from the studio to the street without losing any of the glitz.


K-Deer is rocking the shine with their Hi-Luxe Sneaker Length Legging that will make your glimmer.


3. Natural Hues

In nature, greens are slowly fading to yellow. So, it’s no surprise that natural, subtle, dull hues are making an appearance in fall looks too. These natural, soft hues will not only make you blend in with your environment, but they’ll also bring soft, calming thoughts to soothe your mind.


Nimble stands out with this trend offering colors like burnt olive and raisin in their Moto Long Tight and Flow Freely Sports Bra.

4. Plaid Galore

When you go apple picking or to the pumpkin patch, plaid is the pattern to wear. And it’s no wonder! Plaid just screams fall, which is why we’re loving it on our activewear.


KiraGrace is pioneering the plaid fall look with their Grace Refined Yoga Cami and Grace High Waist Yoga Tight in Glen Plaid.

5. Ultra High-Waist Hugs

Fall fashion trends are not only cute, they’re also clever. Everyone knows that fall brings Halloween and Thanksgiving and an extra dose of comfort food to combat the cold. Because of this, high-waisted leggings are a gift to help hold in those few extra pounds.


Liquido Active is killing it with their Ultra High-Waist Collection to keep us all looking our best as the seasons change.

6. Stripes, Stripes, and More Stripes

There’s just something about stripes. They transcend seasons, but are totally hot this fall. Classic black and white are a hit every time and they look even cuter on your leggings than they did on your sailor tee.


Teeki definitely gets this hot fall fashion trend with their Balanced Traveler White Hot Pants.

7. Cozy Hoodies

Who doesn’t need a good hoodie to snuggle up in when the nights start to cool? Of course, cozy hoodies are a fall staple and activewear brands are not disappointing us this year with their cute and warm sweatshirts.


A pioneer in classic design, Lululemon is warming our bodies (and our inner fashionistas) with their Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece. You can’t ever go wrong with comfort and classic combined.


8. Sexy Bodysuits

Ohhhh la la . . . bodysuits are making a comeback! Sexy, sleek, and oh-so-cute, bodysuits are the perfect accent to your activewear wardrobe. They’re versatile, flattering, and totally hot this fall.


Girlfriend Collective is at the head of the game with this hot new trend with their Bodysuit Collection.

Rock Your Favorite New Fall Looks!

Fall fashion trends this year are in full blossom and we’re seriously ogling all these gorgeous fall looks.

So, grab your skull prints, hoodies, and bodysuits and rock the yoga studio or gym like it’s your own personal catwalk 😉

What are your favorite fall looks for yoga and activewear? Let us know in the comments below!

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