6 Natural Pre-Workouts That Won’t Make You Feel Sick

We all have those days where for whatever reason, we just really CBF working out. Maybe it’s because we’ve had a crap night sleep, or it’s that time of the month, or we’re just not feeling particularly energetic. Whatever the reason, even just stepping foot in the gym feels like a mission on par with climbing Everest—let alone, actually picking up weights or hitting the treadmill. In these situations, pre-workout supplements can be the perfect extra push you need to get your butt to the gym. Plus, they can level up your performance and help you push through those last few reps.

Unfortunately, many pre-workouts are packed with nasty chemicals which can leave you feeling nauseous, jittery, with a racing heart or just like you’re just on another planet. The good news is, there is an alternative. Read on for 6 natural pre-workouts that rely on clean ingredients to boost your energy before the gym.

Spark Pre-Workout

natural pre-workouts

You’d be hard-pressed to find a cleaner pre-workout than this one from Protein Supplies Australia. It has absolutely zero artificial ingredients—not even synthetic caffeine! Instead, it blends amino acids for muscle growth and recovery with antioxidants and natural stimulants like guarana. The result is a burst of natural energy high that will take you to the gym and beyond. It comes in three delicious flavours, green apple, pine coconut, and strawberry passionfruit.

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Before You Speak Coffee

If you love coffee as a natural pre-workout but sometimes feel like you need an extra hit, Before You Speak is for you. The high-performance coffee combines with Single Origin Columbian Arabica Coffee with natural energy-boosting ingredients like MCT oil, Siberian Ginseng and Green Coffee Bean Extract. Not only does it give you an excellent energy boost without the crash, but it also works as a natural fat burner. It’s great served hot, or in an iced coffee.

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Body Science Green Tea Tx100natural pre-workouts body science green tea

What if you could take a pre-workout, probiotic, fat burner and wellness boost, all in one convenient sachet? You can, thanks to this genius product from Body Science. It uses a highly concentrated dose of three different types of green tea to turbocharge your energy and fat burning, and vitamin c and lactobacillus plantarum for your probiotic and antioxidant hit.

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Powhernatural pre-workouts

Formulated specifically for women, this pre-workout gives you the energy you need to power through your workout without spiking your adrenals. It uses natural stimulants as an alternative to caffeine, including eC.Flexuous oil, A. galanga and G. Glabra and Rednite beetroot. The fact that it’s a pretty pink colour is just a bonus!

Naked Energy

natural pre-workouts

Mant traditional pre-workouts are loaded with carbs and sugar, as well as chemical nasties. This is not the case with this clean pre-workout formula! It’s formulated with only premium, non-GMO ingredients. including organic coffee, L-arginine, and Beta-Alinine, including plenty of vitamins and minerals.

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Rari Nutrition Infinity

natural pre-workouts
Infinity may look like your run-of-the-mill pre-workout but make no mistake—it’s one of the most natural on the market. It’s created with natural clinically dosed ingredients to supercharge your energy without the chemical come-down. It comes in three yummy flavours, strawberry Lemonade, blue raspberry and sour gummy worm.

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