5 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Meal Prep Super Easy

The beauty of meal prepping is all in the process. You create several servings of healthy, delicious dishes and portion out your meals and snacks so you can easily eat healthy all week — without even thinking about it. (That means nutritious grab-and-go foods for when timing is super tight!) And the thing that makes that process even easier: the right kitchen gadgets. These five tools will help you whip up healthy meals in a flash.

5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Easier Meal Prep

Kitchen Gadgets for Meal Prep: Ninja Professional Blender

1. Best for Mixing: Ninja Professional Blender ($58)

Whip up smoothies, sauces or soups in seconds when you toss fruits and veggies in this high-speed blender. It holds up to 72 ounces, so you can freeze some for later in the week, too. Better yet, you can mix up some homemade nut butters right in this container and it’s less than $100. That means it’s 41 percent off the original price!

Kitchen Gadgets for Meal Prep: Avocado Joy Slicer

2. Best for Chopping: Avocado Joy Slicer ($10)

Get 50 percent off this easy-to-use, smooth slicer. It provides the perfect cut for one of our favorite healthy fat-filled foods, which you can use as a substitute for butter in several delicious avocado recipes. Or simply add it as a side for a more satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Kitchen Gadgets for Meal Prep: FoodSave Flip Up Vaccum Sealer

3. Best for Storing: FoodSave Vacuum Sealer ($90)

Lots of meal prep means lots of leftovers. Make your dishes last longer with this vacuum sealer — which allows you to keep foods in the freezer for five times longer than usual. Plus, it’s more than half off the original price! Whether you have meat, veggies, soups or casseroles, this gadget helps you make the most of it.

Kitchen Gadgets for Meal Prep: Salad-to-Go Container

4. Best for Packing: Salad-to-Go Container ($12)

No one likes a soggy salad. Keep yours crisp and fresh with this budget-friendly buy. (It’s 52 percent off!) With separate compartments for your dressing, lettuce and toppings, plus a spot for your fork and knife, you’ll want to eat fresh, good-for-you greens every day.

Kitchen Gadgets for Meal Prep: Gustus Vitae Spice and Salt Collections

5. Best Flavor: Gustus Vitae Salt and Spices ($40) 

The one thing every meal prep master must have in their cabinet? A set of spices. Sprinkling some sea salt, pepper or a Cajun mix on your meal brings zing to your food — without adding calories. What’s more: All the flavorings in this pack are made of local ingredients from California. And it’s even one-third the original price.

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