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While working out, it is important to include exercises specifically for various parts of your body. Only when you are able to put a strain on all the muscles in your body, you will be able to get the physique which you want. That is why you have to also include exercises which will involve a chest workout.

We will today share with you 3 such exercises which you can practice in order to build your chest muscles.

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1 Band Chest fly:
Band chest fly can be used as a warmup exercise as well as a workout exercise. The only difference is in the intensity. You have to ensure that you attach two bands to a stable base. It can be to a tower or it can be any other type of rack. Thereafter, you have to wrap your arms around the bands and bring them forward in order to bend your arms inwards. At the same point in time, you have to slightly move forward your hips as well. You have to repeat this exercise multiple times in a single workout.

2 Dead stop push-up:
This is similar to a normal push-up. The only difference is that when your body is resting on the ground, you have to lift your hands up in order to ensure that only the chest is in touch with the ground. In such a position, the knees, as well as the face, should be above the ground. When you are able to accomplish this, there will be enormous pressure on your chest muscles which will actually ensure that you are able to build them quickly. You have to repeat this exercise multiple times throughout the day.

3 Dumbbell squeeze press:
In order to perform this exercise, you will need a bench as well as a pair of dumbbells. You have to lie down on the bench in such a way that your knees are at 90° and your feet is firmly on the ground. Thereafter, you have to lift to the dumbbells up or you while keeping both the hands parallel. Then you have to bring them down to just rest of the dumbbells on your chest and stomach area. You have to do this slowly in order to ensure that there is maximum pressure on the chest muscles.

Thus, when you’re looking for exercises which will actually help you in building your chest muscles, it is important to opt for these 3 exercises. With the help of these 3 exercises, it will become easier for you to put the strain on your chest muscles.

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